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As a licensed importer & exporter of alcoholic beverages, Lewinkel deals in more than 50 brands of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages. UAE, a global logistics hub, serves as the epicentre of our international beverages trade & distribution network. We import some of the finest beverages brands & spirits from global manufacturers in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia and distribute it to retail centres across Central, East and North Africa. We are also actively involved in catering beverages to diplomatic missions, cruise vessels and duty paid shops across the globe.

Our alcoholic beverages portfolio includes brands from global manufacturers, including top brands of wine, brandy, whiskey, rum, beer, vodka, gin, Cognac, and tequila. We rely on our well established network of supply chain providers and logistic partners to ensure reliable timely services to the consumers that we cater. For enquiries and partnerships on our beverages please drop in a mailĀ at [email protected]. For placing orders please fill in the contact form.

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